About Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, and the only one on the Gulf of Oman in the country’s east instead of Arabian Gulf (the other six emirates). The Emirate of Fujairah covers about 1.5% of the area of the UAE, and is the 5th largest Emirate in the UAE. Its population is around 170,000 inhabitants. Fujairah is a mountainous region and therefore has a higher rainfall than the surrounding desert areas. Fujairah experiences warm temperatures with seasonal differences. From October until March there are cooler temperatures, with the average temperature being 25°c. During summer the temperature reaches 40°c. Arab Islamic culture dominates the lifestyle of Fujairah, however, it is tolerant of the different creeds and beliefs of its large expatriate community. Arab heritage and folklore finds expression in poetry, dances and songs. The traditional all-pervasive hospitality gives a great deal of charm to life and cultural activities of other nations are very much popular in this beautiful Emirate.

Except federal matters, the administrative powers are ultimately held by the ruler of Fujairah, His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, member of supreme council who has been in power since 1974. There is a cabinet consisting of immediate family heads of the Ruler and a few members of respected local families make up the advisory committees. The Sheikh must ratify any decisions by the cabinet. After the ratification, such decisions may be enacted into law as Emiri decrees, which are usually effective immediately. The economic policy of Fujairah is based on safeguarding and respecting the individual freedom in ownership of the means of production, practicing any type of business activities and providing all facilities. There are no restrictions on imports and exports except some minor customs and administrative duties. The government plays a supervisory role in issuing legislation, which organize the functioning of the various economic sectors while causing no hindrance to the business activities.