Creative City


Fujairah [along new Fujairah-Dubai highway]

Size of the Zone

200,000 square meters

Managed by

Fujairah culture and Media Authority/Fujairah Management Services

Activities/ segments

Audio & Audio Visual, Media & Marketing, Publishing, Event Management, Media Support Services, Media consultancy, New Media, Business information, Film/Production/PostProduction, Music & Entertainment, information Technology, consultancy, Design, Education, import, Export

Types of licenses issued

Publishing Licence Broadcasting Licences Other Licences
Facilities offered

Commercial Office Spaces (minimum space 350 sq. ft) Hot Desk Office Facility* (Baby Business) Hot Desk Office Facility** (Freelancer company)
Rental/Fee per annum

USD 24.50 (AED 90)/ per sq. foot 350x24.50: USD 8,575 [350x90: AED
USD 2,860 [AED 10,500] USD 954 [AED 3,500]
License fee

USD 3,405 (AED 12,500) USD 3,405 (AED 12,500) USD 3,405 (AED 12,500)
No. of Visas available 10 6 1
Lease Period One year, annually
One year, annually
One year, annually

Type of companies

Free Zone company Branch of a UAE company including Entities established in other UAE Free Zones Branch of Foreign company Baby Business Freelancer company

No.of Shareholders

Minimum One - - Minimum One Minimum One

Formation/ Registration Fee

US $ 1,090 (AED 4,000) US $ 1,090 (AED 4,000) US $ 1,090 (AED 4,000) US $ 955 (AED 3,500) US $ 1,090 (AED 4,000)

*Services include unique telephone extension, online support, receptionist, internet access at hot desk facility, facsimile, conference room

**Services include P.O. Box, free in-house PRO services

Freelance Permit is issued to individuals who can operate as a sole practitioner and enables him to conduct the activity in his birth name as opposed to brand name. The licence fee per year is USD 2,725 (AED 10,000) Freelancer can use the ‘Hot Desk’ facility at an initial year fee of AED 4,000.

Annual Renewal fee:

Commercial Office: AED 12,500 + office lease rental
Baby Business: AED 20,000
Freelancer company: AED 15,000
Freelancer: AED 10,000

[Currently, Creative City provides companies with local licensing, business centre facilities (on two dedicated floors of Fujairah Tower) as well as a satellite uplink facility complete with play-out for television broadcast.]