Fujairah International Airport

Fujairah International Airport is well known for its cargo handling capabilities and the state of the art facilities, which maximize efficiency and eliminate the margin of error in all delicate dealings involved in airport cargo operations. The Airport offers the following cargo facilities:

  • Computerized export and import documentation
  • Weighing scale capacity is 100,000 kgs; trailers and trucks up to 100 tons can be weighed
  • Freight forwarders and Charter agents operating from Fujairah International Airport can access their flight records through
  • Automated cargo arrival intimation to consignees through Internet
  • Efficient load build up for any type of Aircraft with experienced staff
  • 24 hours acceptance, delivery and custom clearance available
  • Cold storage for small shipments can be arranged on prior intimation
  • Inter Airport transfers performed using roller bedded trailers
  • Proximity with Seaport enables to handle Sea-Air Cargo more efficiently
  • Direct loading (for known shippers and regular agents)

Business Segments Cargo Handling Experts:

Companies operating in cargo loading and unloading, freight forwarders, logistics providers etc., find FIA as an efficient and convenient location for their business.

Aircraft Maintenance:

FIA has multiple areas available for any size maintenance operations including the newly constructed Bravo Maintenance Workshops and Bravo Maintenance Apron. FIA also offers facility for constructing own maintenance hangar.

Aircraft Dismantling:

FIA enjoys year-round environmental conditions which are conducive to aircraft storage and dismantling. FIA can provide full life-cycle services such as maintenance, storage and end-of-service dismantling/materials reclamation. There is an industrial area immediately adjacent to the airport with scrap material merchants resulting to lower transportation costs.

Setting up procedures in FIA

Investors who intend to establish a business in Fujairah related to FIA the following procedures are to be followed:
  • Obtain sponsorship from Fujairah Civil Aviation Department
  • Clearance from Criminal Investigation Department
  • Registration with Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Filing application with Fujairah Municipality: License Application, Trade Name Application etc., along with passport copy and other documents.
  • Execute Local Service Agent Agreement
  • If there are more than one investor, execute Agreement of Works Company
  • Pay applicable fee (registration fee, sponsorship fee, fee for visa etc)
The registration process will be completed in 2 3 weeks