Fujairah Natural Resources Authority

The FNRA was established in 2009 as an autonomous entity overseen by the Government of Fujairah and aims at conducting earth-related studies and geological researches and dissertations, in addition to carrying out diversified surveys in order to develop the sectors of rocks, minerals and oil in particular and to optimally use the natural resources located within the boundaries of the Emirate.

FNRA acts on the arrangement of licenses, permits, rights, agreements, and concessions related to rocks and minerals. FNRA aims at monitoring all activities and evaluating the ecological impact, and hence providing protection for the consumer, public safety and environment in terms of operations and mining and at appraising the extent of commitment and adherence to the laws and rules and regulations enforced in this regard.

The services FNRA provides to the companies are:

For existing companies:
  • Renewal of work site license
  • Non-objection detonation statement
  • Materials transfer licenses
  • Payment of penalty
  • On-site water well repair request

For new applicants:

  • Allotment of land
  • Work site license

For Transport Companies:

  • Weighbridge IDCard [New/ Renew],
  • Payment of Violation Fine
  • Request for damage and loss assessment and payment of repairs.